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Applied Human Sciences is a department within the Faculty of Arts & Science.

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The strategic objective of the Department of Applied Human Sciences is to improve the quality of life and well-being. This is accomplished through the integration of theory and practice to promote effective practitioner skill. The Department of Applied Human Sciences is an interdisciplinary and applied academic unit which generates knowledge and provides practice-based education in human relations, leisure sciences, therapeutic recreation, human systems intervention, family life education and community service. Involvement in practical contexts beyond the University provides an important link with members of the community, thereby offering a genuine environment for the exchange of knowledge and expertise.


Approach to Teaching

The educational philosophy of the Department is experience-based learning or learning-by-doing. Our courses stress the applied dimension. Experiences in groups, both inside and outside the classroom, are integrated with relevant theory and research giving students an opportunity to put their learning into practice. Students take responsibility for their own learning, trying out new approaches, and opening themselves to understanding their impact on others. Our teaching approach involves the student as a whole person, promoting the interchange of knowledge and self-awareness.

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The Students

The diverse student population includes those from CEGEPs, community colleges and the community, mature students who are educators, community organizers, group workers, health professionals, social service workers, managers, teachers, administrators, homemakers, and others in various fields of human and leisure services are heartily welcome. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to share the wealth of their work and/or volunteer knowledge and life experience.

Volunteer and Field Placement beyond the Classroom

Field experiences are an integral part of the learning process in several of the courses. Field components provide opportunities for students to explore a multitude of social service, education, leisure services agencies and organizational networks. Additionally, students are encouraged to do volunteer work, which provides further opportunities to learn about an area of practice or a potential career direction.


An interdisciplinary team of full-time and part-time faculty with a wide variety of educational and experiential backgrounds, includes practitioners in the fields of adult education, communications, counseling, family life education, human relations, human resources, leisure sciences, psychology, organizational and community development, social work, sociology, and therapeutic recreation.'s a second chance to return to the top of the page

B.A. Specialization / Major in Leisure Sciences

Leisure services is an emerging profession concerned with the relationships between people and their environment. It deals with the social and cultural integration of individuals at leisure. There has been a great deal of interest generated concerning recreation participation at all levels of society. This expanding awareness of leisure, along with government funding, has led to the identification of new leisure services positions. Thus, there is a need to develop sophisticated programmes to educate people to work in this field. The Concordia University Leisure Sciences programmes are designed to meet this need. Students are offered a broad-based understanding through philosophical and practical experience. The underlying philosophy of the programme is based on the awareness of the role recreation and leisure play in a society that holds the work ethic at a high level of prominence. The programme draws from a wide variety of university departments, giving it a multi-disciplinary base, including:
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Employment Opportunities

Work in the field of recreation may be found in a variety of settings, including the following: Municipal recreation and park departments, provincial and federal governments, youth service agencies, employee recreation services, church recreation, camping and outdoor education, commercial recreation, Canadian Armed Forces, community education, research and planning, and teaching. B. A. Specialization in Leisure Sciences is a 60 credit programme (39 compulsory credits in Applied Human Sciences, 9 credits chosen from History, Philosophy and either Psychology or Sociology and 12 chosen from Recreation Programming or Recreation Administration) wherein the student concentrates not only in the core course offerings but is also given in-depth studies in a variety of areas within the field. B.A. Major in Leisure Sciences is a 42 credit programme (24 compulsory Applied Human Sciences credits, 9 credits in Applied Human Sciences chosen as electives, and a further 9 credits chosen from History, Philosophy and either Psychology or Sociology) that gives the students the flexibility to take a variety of elective courses in other areas.

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Adventure POINT OF VIEW and the Applied Human Sciences

Experiential learning accelerates through exposure to cross-cultural activities...
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