EcoTaskForce Capital Campaign

The EcoTaskForce is a non-profit organization that provides training, activities and educational experiences to involve local people in global solutions. We rely on donations to keep us going.

Unavoidable, but important legal text...
All donations will be used for environmental projects, including educational and clean-up activities. Funds collected through Explorasport and the EcoTaskForce are managed by Cool to be Canadian Corp., a Canadian not-for-profit management corporation, registered with the Federal Government of Canada, and may lawfully solicit donations under Canadian law. Please note that this page and any other link on any EcoTaskForce related site pointing to this page is not and should not be considered a solicitation to make a donation.

If you are inspired to make a donation, you can do so by PayPal (credit cards accepted) or through the mail to EcoTaskForce's head office (see below). Please do not send currency through the mail, however, we welcome any form of negoitiable instrument from generous people around the world (including insurance or estate legacies, commercial stock certificates or other valuable instruments) to assure the future and expansion of the EcoTaskForce.
International postal money orders or cheques drawn on a US or Canadian banking institutions assure that your complete donation goes to The EcoTaskForce, minimizing profits to banking middlemen.

British Pounds
Canadian Dollars
European Euros
Japanese Yen
U.S. Dollars

You can also send donations via snail-mail to the official address of the EcoTaskForce Foundation:

EcoTaskForce Foundation
c/o Explorasport A.C.G. Inc.
933 Station H,
Quebec, Canada
H3G 2M9

* Please do not send cheques for less than $100.US from outside North America, as they may incur processing fees in excess of $50., leaving the EcoTaskForce with less than you intended (Banks get rich, your kindness is diluted!) International postal money orders payable to "EcoTaskForce" in U.S. Dollars are available in most countries, and are the best.

Deductibility of donations
Please note donations may not be tax deductible except for Canadian residents and nationals -- all questions in this regards should be directed to your tax professional. For those outside the Canada please contact your local tax authorities to determine if there is any tax treaty or other law that may allow you to deduct your donations to the EcoTaskForce from your income. EcoTaskForce is in the process of applying for its own official tax exempt status from the Canadian Revenue Service, so you may not be able to deduct donations until the authority determines it is tax exempt. If you make a donation over $100. you may request the required paperwork, please contact your tax professional for advice about deducting any contributions made.

Comments, questions?
If you have any questions regarding donations, you can ask EcoTaskForce founder Philip McMaster. You can contact him at the address above.

Why donate?
There is no profit motive behind the EcoTaskForce and its projects. There are no full-time employees. Virtually all of our work is done by volunteers from all over the planet. In Asia we have planted trees, in the Carribbean placed reef-balls, in Central America we have participated in stopping the the trade in wild animals, in South America we have educated and motivated communities to practice sustainable tourism.
Our projects have influenced thousands of people around the world. It is clear that the EcoTaskForce is an effort that the world needs, and as our message spreads and we find more resources to further its growth, the integrity and relationships between our social, cultural, industrial, agricultural and environmental organisims will be enhanced.

Thinking Globally, (and asking locally)
Small donations can make a big difference, but we know that many foundations and individuals are in a position to provide substantial funds to active non-profit organizations like the EcoTaskForce, please do not hesitate to contact us with your connections or knowledge of important individuals in your country who understand the need for the EcoTaskForce.

Please do not feel coerced into donating money. If you don't have any, or do not want to donate, you are still welcome to join the EcoTaskForce. Only donate if you can afford it, and if you think the future growth of the EcoTaskForce is important.